2014 Release Your Beast

2014 Release Your Beast – 12 Week Inner Box Challenge

2014ChallengeStarting Tuesday January 3rd 2014, we will have the 2014 Release Your Beast inner-box challenge. Inner-box means that this competition is for the members of CrossFit 70 only.

The competition has a standard set of points. All the points are based on many factors such as fat loss, muscle gain, skills, and feats of awesomeness. This isn’t just a fatloss challenge, because it needs to be based on overall health and fitness. This will also allow it to be fair no matter what your physical build.

Each day at the box you can log points earned based on the point system below.


  1. Each % of Body Fat Lost Weekly – 10 Points

  2. Each Pound Gained of Lean Muscle Weekly – 15 Points

  3. Each time You Come to the Box – 3 Points

  4. Start to Finish “Before and After” Picture to be Used by CF70 (girls in sports bra, guys no shirt) – 20 points

  5. Track Eating Each Week and Show to CF70 coach – 5 Points (each week)

  6. Each Person you Get to a Free-Intro Class – 15 Points

  7. Each 5lb Powerlift PR (Back Squat, Deadlift, Shoulder press – Current PR must be predefined in WODIFY) – 5 Points

  8. Each 5lb OLY lift PR (Clean, Jerk, Snatch – Current PR must be predefined in WODIFY) – 5 Points

  9. Each Predefined CrossFit Skill Mastered (Must be seen by CF70 coach) – 10 Points

  10. Register for 2014 CrossFit Open – 10 Points

  11. Each 1K Rowed (Must be seen by CF70 coach) – 3 Points

  12. Each 1K Run (Must be seen by CF70 coach) – 3 Points

  13. Each 40 Burpees (Must be seen by CF70 coach) – 5 Points

  14. Each 50 DU (Must be seen by CF70 coach) – 3 Points

  15. Each Time you Beat a Coach in a WOD – 3 Points

  16. If You Don’t Register for Class  – -4 points

  17. Each No Show (means no communication from time class starts) – -4 points

PRIZES (Besides Bragging Rights)

1st – 1 Month Free Membership, 2 Month Free Membership for Friend, $100 Gift Card to Back Pain Center, 1 Pair of CF Nano 3’s, 1 Pair of Reebok OLY lift shoes, + Other TBD Prizes

2nd – 1 Pair of CF Nano 3’s, 1 Lifting Belt + Other TBD Prizes

3rd – RX Jump Rope + Other TBD Prizes


  • Members Only

  • Canceled Memberships during contest void all points

  • If we find out you are using unsafe eating habits you will void all points

  • Everything must be Approved/Judged by CF 70 Coach – Chris, Courtney, Aaron, Chad, Travis, Alex D… They have discretion to choose if points are earned/subtracted.


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