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4 October 2014

Wentzville – CrossFit

70 – Warm Up (No Measure)

Row or Jump Rope

**** 2x****

10 overhead squats

5 walk outs

10 push ups

10 second Sampson stretch each leg

5 Ring Dips or Box Dips

5 Pull Ups

The Gauntlet (3 Rounds for reps)

A partner WOD in 3 acts.

Act 1: 6 Minute AMRAP

• 15 Calorie Row

• KB Swings

Score is # of KB Swings

Rest 3 Minutes

Act 2: 6 Minute AMRAP

• 100 M Farmer’s Carry (to end of the building laundromat is in, basically to beginning of next parking lot)

• Burpee Pull-ups

Score is # of Burpee pull-ups

Rest 3 Minutes

Act 3: 6 Minute AMRAP

• 50 Double Unders

• Abmat Sit-ups

Score is # of Abmat Sit-ups

Teams of two work together partner A starts on first movement, while partner B starts doing as many reps of second movement as possible. They switch movements when partner A completes her task, continuing to accrue as many reps of movement B as possible in 6 minutes.

Teams can start on any of the 3 acts, but must rotate in order (eg. Start at 3, then move to 1, finishing at 2.