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15 October 2016

CrossFit 70 – Wentzville – CrossFit


This is a rowing WOD that you can do with a group or alone. The goal is to pull and get as close to the target distance as possible. For those who have been on a C2 Erg rower, you know that if you stop pulling at 90 meters the final counter will stop slightly above 100 meters.

The setup works like this: You will row 10 “frames” at 100 meters each with minimal rest between each frame. You could do 200, or 250 meters if you really wanted an extra challenge.

First, set up the rower with any damper setting you feel comfortable with. Everyone begins and tries to get as close to 100 meters as possible. Only full pulls are allowed and you must place the handle back in the metal catch before the counter stops. Each round you record how far from 100 meters you are; over or under doesn’t matter.

So with that example of 112 meters, you would personally record a score for 12. If someone gets 100 on the nose? They get a score of 0.

Some variations of this add an extra “frame” at the end of the final frame if a strike is achieved, similar to real bowling. If another 0 is achieved on the next frame, the person can replace a previous frame with a 0.

Once the workout is completed, the person with the lowest score is the winner, just like in real bowling. Besides bragging rights, they can pick the exercise or exercises that the entire group, including the winner, will do. Now, take the bottom 1-3 scores and add them together; this will be the number of reps the group has to perform.