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If you’re visiting our site for the first time, chances are you’re ready to get into shape. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve designed our training system to help you seriously make fitness a part of your life – not just an occasional gym visit. We want to build a place that you actually enjoy coming. That you find great satisfaction and adventure in our community.

We believe that in order for you to make coming into our gym one of the best parts of your day, we need to identify your true personal goals and help you create a plan to achieve those goals. Completing those goals with our amazing community allows you to have a life long experience… This is more than your $19 a month fitness zone. We are a judgement free zone but give you the needed accountability to the goals that you create.

We also understand that functional fitness may seem intimidating if you’ve never done it before, but we can help with that. First of all, All of our coaches are very understanding and “Home Grown” in our gym. Our coaches, get to know you, they understand where you are at, and what you need. We don’t push you to an extreme level. We help you push to the point you need to be to see results. Taking individual time with you to learn and develop in a healthy way. At CrossFit 70 we want you to be comfortable, and allow you to have a healthy environment that lasts a lifetime.

Supportive Community

Daily Personal Connection – Fun Community Events – Caring Support

Caring, Professional Coaches

Not only do we require our coaches to have the needed certification … We require them to learn the CrossFit70 Methodology as well as spending months learning our members before they are ever allowed to coach a class. Everyone of our coaches learn you and can give you personalized attention.

Accountability to YOUR Fitness Goals

We want you to feel valued at CrossFit 70. We want to know your goals and help you achieve them. Everyone comes to us with different ideas of what they want. If we learn what you are looking for we can make sure you have a healthy journey to get there. Often times our new members don’t have a clue what they are wanting… other than to look good … and we can make that happen too.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Many different types of Nutrition Coaching from a certified nutrition coach that has gone on the exact same weight loss journey that you are facing. We also offer daily lifestyle coaching to help you inside and outside the gym.


Our Coaching Team

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What Sets Us Apart

We Focus on Your Goals

CrossFit is a program that delivers fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. We create unique daily workouts that are fun and competitive. CrossFit is a unique workout program that allows you to be strong in everyday activities. CrossFit mixes strength, gymnastic, and cardio movements to help you attain real fitness in a fun way. Every workout can be scaled to your personal fitness level. Additionally, we choose to keep class sizes small so you know the trainer personally and build a strong community of fitness minded friends.

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What Are The Costs?

First Session is FREE for you to try it out and have a blast! No Sales Pitch.

We break our memberships up into monthly costs based on how many times a week you come. We keep class sizes small to ensure you get a personal experience with a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer every day that you workout.

  • 3x Per Week

  • $120

    per month
  • No Contract
    Monthly Auto Debit
  • Personal Training

  • $50

    per hour
  • 4 Session Min.
    Monthly Auto Debit

Drop In:

$15 per visit (When Member of Another CrossFit)
Military: Free (When Member of Another CrossFit)

CrossFit is training and not simply a workout, therefore we do require membership. We love Drop-in members but this is restricted to our traveling guests.

There are NO refunds for unused memberships and members must notify CrossFit 70 in writing by 5 days prior to billing cycle if he/she desires to change their membership status.



Please take a look at our schedule of classes.

We do run a schedule system so if you are a current member please reserve your class time below.

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CrossFit is training and not simply a workout, therefore we do require membership. We love Drop-in members but this is restricted to our traveling guests.



Free Intro Class

Start Your Journey Right Now!

CrossFit 70 is not out to recruit as many members as we can. We are a strong community that wants to support each member individually. We desire for each member to enjoy this process and if not we understand. That is why we don’t require a contract and we do not have a high pressure sales process.

What to Expect in the Free Intro Class:

  • No More Than 4 attendees and 1-2 coaches
  • A basic overview of CrossFit
  • A basic overview of Crossfit 70
  • An overview of Classes, our system, and Equipment
  • A warm up
  • A skill session
  • A short effective workout (no weight lifting in this class)
  • A cool down and Q/A time
This is Not a Sales Pitch Class

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