CrossFit 70 is Wentzville’s original, longest-standing CrossFit box. Founded in 2012, we have literally been around the block (by foot or even carrying our partner), and not only love and welcome new faces, but still have many of our original members. We are owned and operated by a group of active members who are dedicated to providing a quality fitness experience through professional coaching, a supportive community and a fun, challenging and motivating environment.   We thrive on being a small, well-connected, goal-driven community. We offer a variety of classes and our coaches have a long-list of credentials that separate us from the pack as they are experts in the field.


Liz, CFL2, Owner
Mike A
Mike, CFL2, USAW L2, Owner
Kelly, CFL1, Owner
Kent, CFL1, Owner
Mike D, CFL2
Suz, CFL2
Cpl Andrea, CFL1
David, CFL1
Greg, CFL1
Nicole, CFL1
Jordan, CFL1
Nick, CFL1

Our Coaching Staff